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"Weed Slinger" Bush Hog For Sale
No tractor required - powered by pickup truck

I have a weed slinger/bush hog for sale:

We use it like a bush hog to cut the grass in a field behind our house.

If you've got a lot of grass to cut (most likely a field)
and don't want to buy a tractor and a bush hog then this is what you want.

It's homemade, made out of the rear end of a school bus (with the back 2 wheels).
Large bush hog blades have been attached - it's powered by your pickup truck.
You can attach it to the back of your pickup (you should have
at least a 1 ton pickup since it's heavy) with a 2 inch ball.

This weed slinger bush hog has been sold.


More photos of the Weed Slinger/Bush Hog:
Weed Slinger Bush Hog - Image 1
Weed Slinger Bush Hog - Image 2
Weed Slinger Bush Hog - Image 3
Weed Slinger Bush Hog - Image 4
Weed Slinger Bush Hog - Image 5


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